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The following are brief descriptions of some of the techniques we may use. I often use a variety of these, and other, techniques during any one session.
Muscle Energy Techniques: gentle contract-relax mobilization combined with positioning to create a 3-dimensional fulcrum to mobilize the spine.

Myofascial Release: mobilizes connective tissue (fascia) to create optimal mobility within and around tissues or joints.

Strain/Counterstrain: resets the resting potential of muscle, decreasing muscle spasm and guarding, and creating improved movement within the available range of a joint.

Craniosacral Therapy: mobilizes the tissues surrounding the spinal cord (dura) and peripheral nerves to normalize the flow of information through nerve pathways.

Visceral Mobilization: works on the supporting structures of the organs to improve mobility and motility of the organ and surrounding tissues. Helps to improve the fascial mobility around the organs and surrounding structures (bone, muscle, fascia).
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